A little introduction

Hi all, David here!

I guess for our first few blogs we should focus on preparation, and our reasons for doing what we are going to do. Over the last 10 or so years I’ve been pottering around with different jobs, always keeping myself unrestricted from another adventure. To getting back from one trip, to immediately planning  another. I’ve never really stayed rooted to any places, it’s like feeding a healthy addiction of adventures. Over the last few years I’ve come to the conclusion that this lifestyle chooses me, not the other way round.

Last year I met someone special, who has the same ideas and drive to live a life on the road. We spend near enough every day sending travel photos to each other, with captions like ‘Ooooo I want to go here’. But the difference for us is we really will go to these places.

My goals and aspirations for this journey are to get out of my comfort zone and to truly test myself in environments and cultures that aren’t necessarily normal for us. Because at the end of it, we will have become stronger people, with knowledge and experience that can only enhance our lives.

On a less serious note, one of my goals is to eat as much delicious street food as I can fit my belly!

Now we have told you a little bit about ourselves, we hope you can follow us on our adventures.


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