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Welcome to No Fixed Home!

I’m Charlotte and I love to travel. I am a vegan who loves exploring this beautiful planet and having new adventures. At the same time, I try to minimise my footprint and the impact that I have. Here on the No Fixed Home website, you will find useful¬†travel tips that are tried and tested. I am currently working on a new green travel and lifestyle site, to be launched early 2019, so this site is not currently being updated. Watch this space for exciting new things!

Who am I?

Pai Swing

I’m a writer and bookworm. I love nothing more than getting lost in the pages of a book – whether on a 24-hour train ride across India or while sunbathing on a white sand beach on a Thai island. One of my favourite things is exploring new places, meeting new people and learning about new cultures. I will usually be found browsing food markets, soaking up vitamin D in the sunshine, or scribbling away in a notebook. I’m passionate about the environment. I always want to know how I can travel and live my life in as green as way as possible. I am also a freelance writer available for hire – see my portfolio at charlottecoates.co.uk




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