Malaysia Singapore Border Crossing: How to Cross by Bus

Hello from hot and sweaty Singapore! Despite the heat, this is a really interesting, buzzing city with lots to do. It’s also really easy to visit on a trip from neighbouring Malaysia. We did the Malaysia Singapore border crossing by bus and it was a piece of cake. (Not literally, unfortunately. If there is a country that gives you free cake on entry I’d be first in the queue!) Here are our top tips for a stress-free border crossing.

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Malaysia Travel Budget: How Much Does It Cost To Travel Here?

South East Asia is a dream destination for many yet for some reason, Malaysia seems to get less attention than its more popular neighbours. But this country is beautiful and has something for everyone. From dense tropical rainforests to lush tea plantations. From shiny megacities to paradise islands. And it needn’t break the bank either! Here’s our Malaysia travel budget guide to help y’all out.

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Everything You Need to Know About Train Travel in India

If you’re planning a trip to India, you have probably heard a few people say that travelling by train is the best way to see this wonderful country. And it’s true – there is something special about sitting back and watching the countryside roll past the open windows, breeze in your hair and a cup of hot chai in your hands. Friendships can be made on these journeys and new places are seen from a different perspective.

But to the newcomer, this vast network of train routes and bureaucracy can be a little confusing. Don’t worry, we’re here to help explain it – and soon you’ll be catching trains like a pro!

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